Our Story

Saigon, 1966

The Ports of Saigon are aflutter with colour, activity, the strange and the beautiful. Boat-lights flicker on the harbour.


Lantern lights glow golden, and sway as a warm breeze carries colourful scents of spice. A silk trader calls across the path with a gossipy charm amongst the hum of scooters. A band sets up in a make-shift bar. Raw brick walls draped with silks and ceilings strung with lanterns.


A striking lady in red steps forward in front of a crowd. Her cheekbones glisten as smoky eyes carefully scan the gathering crowd. A sea of onlookers; traders, sailors, the glamourous & wealthy, port workers and the tag-along revellers. Her soul-stirring voice cuts through the cacophony of noise, pouring out

across the harbour, rising up and up to the moon.

Music plays and exciting dishes are shared on loud tables. Spice, colour and flavour fill the senses. Sit back, relax and revel in the discovery of this time, this place.


Be transported.

Lola Rouge x

Our Accolades

Kiran Ghate – Best Festival Chef, Eat Drink Play Hospo Awards

Ram Agrawal – Best Front of House, Eat Drink Play Hospo Awards