Naumi Hotel Wellington

Welcome to whimsy.

Sleep, Dream, Dine And Play In Naumi Hotel Wellington. An Escape For Romantics, Bohemians And Adventurers From Near And Far.

A sensory arcadia where you can slip into the serene, or run wild on Wellington’s electric Cuba Street. 

Revel, relax and indulge in an existence to covet – a boutique hotel for the romantics, trendsetters, and wayfarers who seek the finer things in life. 

With a familiar atmosphere, the new hotel tower borders Naumi Hotel Wellington and compromises of 62 spacious rooms: invoking a sense of home – away from home, so you can rest and rejuvenate in undeniable comfort. Bold palettes and delightful design reflect the essence of Naumi – A kaleidoscope of accents, expertly refined. 

With nature as our muse, distinct colour blocks in each rooms invite tranquility: lilac, avocado green, rusty red and subtle turmeric = reminiscent of a Wellington sunset – tastefully juxtapose with ultra-modern carpet, where diagonal stripes run below your feet in fluorescent hues. 

Surrender to the bold and beautiful Naumi Hotel Wellington to stay, play, indulge and unwind. 

From a grand entrance on Dunlop Street, guests are transported into a sensory wonderland – from the grand bar in the heart of the hotel to the sumptuous lounge and the parlour and lobby. These spaces all reflect the love story of Lady Naumi – the original custodian of the Naumi Hotel. Her portrait hangs proudly at reception.

The hotel dazzles with the talents of New Zealand artists and designers. The large scale floral backdrop, created by Art Dep’t NZ, which is completely covered in gold leaf sits majestically behind reception, lying below are bespoke rugs created by artist Karl Maughan and flowing through to the lobby are our gigantic lighted floral sculpture by Angus Muir Designs.

We warmly welcome you to take in your surrounds with a drink at the bar, or by dining at Lola Rouge or dream the day away in our pastel parlour.