Lola Rouge Bar & Restaurant

From Asia with love.

Modern Asian dishes to take you on a journey to the Orient.

A menu meticulously crafted by our Award-winning Executive Chef Kiran Ghate, combining a stunning range of local ingredients, colour, flavour and texture to reflect the Asian influences of Lola Rouge. The Ports of Saigon are a flutter with colour, activity, the strange and the beautiful. Boat-lights flicker on the harbour.

"Serving up the most mouth-watering pan-Asian cuisine that's designed to be shared, this is one that both Wellingtonians and out-of-towners will want to make a booking for, stat." - Fashion Quarterly

Music plays and exciting dishes are shared on loud tables. Spice, colour and flavour fill the senses. Sit back, relax and revel in the discovery of this time, this place. 

Be transported. 

Modern Asian Cuisine.

Lantern lights glow golden, and sway as a warm breeze carries colourful scents of spice.


Private Dining at Lola Rouge

The Red Room is a show-stopping intimate space where on detail is left untouched. Designed for events and group dining of up to 10. There couldn't be a hotter place to celebrate. Music plays and exciting dishes are shared on loud tables.


High Tea At The Parlour

Enter into a world of intrigue, with a kaleidoscope of teas and three tiers of culinary extravagance served with lashings of luxury. Sip, delight and savour new brews. Raise your cups, saucers and pinky fingers.


Lola Rouge Grand Bar

Come a little closer and step inside our Lola Rouge Bar. Immerse yourself in the world of Wunderkammer, where collected curiosities line the walls under the dim light of luxurious lamps.

A cosy, sumptuous space for travellers to call home, even if for a moment. We have your favourites, and something a little more unexpected for those who are ready to delve into a whimsical world of flavour.

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